CGB Tires Presses

  • Tires size to 17 inch
  • With trailer:press, motor, diesel tank and hydraulic installed on the trailer
  • Can be hydraulicaly lay down when transportation
  • Equiped with 2 hydraulic lock doors
  • Security panel during compaction
  • The doors open only when the bale is ejected
  • Hydraulic manual command
  • More options are also available

Reduce your waste removal costs and make benefit.
Buy a High-Density CGB Presses




Tires Press



Diesel motor

Press compaction force



Bale weight

Average cycle time

Overall height 

Shipping height



2 hp


107400 lb

60 inch width X

30 inch height X

48 inch deep

approximately 100 tires, 454 kg

70 sec.

13 foot and 6 inch

84 1/2 inch



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