Easy, secure and profitable!

CGB vertical presses can bale paper and cardboard. These presses are designed for supermarkets, department stores, industries, office buildings, etc.


Presses feature unibody construction and full depth electro-welding. The double action hydraulic cylinder meets industry standards. The three-phase electric motor, hydraulic pump, valves, etc. form a compact assembly on the upper part of the press.


The semi-automatic ejection system makes it easy to remove compacted bales.

Don't make a mistake...
with the use of a certified product!

The CGB presses are simple of use, secure and equiped with a large front load opening capacity.

CSA - Canadian Standards Association

CGB develop product with high security and certification standard. Prevention is our priority that's why all moveable structure is clearly identified with yellow color when they are moving.


Cardboard Press


Tires Press


Plastic Press


Barrels Press


Coton Press

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